About Us

Alison Levenstein, founder and CEO of Gold Coast Concierge, offers the solutions to people’s time management challenges. As a lifelong resident of Long Island’s North Shore, she identified a need in her community for home help. By talking with busy parents on the youth ball fields and at school functions, she realized that her own skills for time management, attention to detail and gift for multitasking would make her the ideal person to help others.

She set about to create a company that would be warm and personable and at the same time offering the professionalism that the upscale community demands. This new business model has come to fruition in Gold Coast Concierge and has earned a stellar reputation.

The services offered range from personal assistance services such as running daily errands and home maintenance for people who travel frequently to event planning, research and information gathering for decision making, as well as holiday preparation and planning assistance, new mother and elder hospitality.

Gold Coast Concierge is located on the North Shore of Long Island in Roslyn Heights, New York and services all of Long Island, from Manhattan to the Montauk.